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GSC Agribusiness Swine Division

GSC Agribusiness prides itself on being an industry leader in livestock management. The swine division of GSC Agribusiness consists of 8500 sows on 4 separate sow facilities. Three of these are leased units and the other is company owned. We are currently feeding out 100% of the pigs to market, constituting 200,000 plus head annually. Some in conventional nursery to finish and some in wean to finish facilities. All of the pigs are raised in contract facilities in western Iowa and delivered to packers in a three state trade area. We believe there are five basic needs for a successful swine operation; good facilities, excellent nutrition, top of the line genetics, herd health, and the right people. We continually strive to make sure these five aspects are our focus and priority! We feel like we have partnered with some of the most outstanding players in the swine industry and look forward to reaching our goals with them.


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