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Cargill's Spring 2014 producer winner is GSC Agribusiness LLC

The Cargill Pork Procurement Team established the "Caught Doing Right" award in August 2010. The award recognizes swine producers and transporters for championing and practicing proactive swine well-being processes. Our goal is to facilitate an interactive swine well-being culture amongst Cargill's farm-to-fork partners.

Any producer or transporter is eligible for the "Caught Doing Right" award in the following swine well-being categories:

  • Performance
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Character
  • Advocacy

Cargill's Spring 2014 transporter winner is Killduff Transport of Sully, lA. Killduff was nominated in the Innovation category. Cargill's Spring 2014 producer winner is GSC Agribusiness LLC of Carroll, lA. GSC was nominated in the Collaboration category. Both the transporter and producer winner was nominated by Tom Tait, Cargill West Central Iowa Supply Team Manager.

Tait nominated Killduff as this transportation company has recently added onto their truck and trailer washout to accommodate proper sanitation and biosecurity. Their improved wash bays now include a bay that can be set to 160° to will assist in eliminating bacteria and the spread of infectious disease. Another bio-security measure that Killduff has implemented is a disinfectant protocol that ensures all boots, floor mats, side boards, plugs, and unloading aids are properly torn down and sanitized. Killduff hauls for Oak Grove L TO and Synergy LLC. Cargill would like to thank Killduff transport for their dedication to keeping the industry healthy!

Congratulations, Killduff Transport!

GSC Agribusiness LLC has been a partner to Cargill for almost a year. Specifically, GSC has been a great collaborator in terms of moving loads during winter weather, the holiday season, and plant breakdowns. This helps schedulers maintain Cargill's wait time goal and swine well-being initiative. Moreover, GSC can be depended on to fill out partial loads, and in turn, this helps smaller producers and barn clean outs. In the last year, GSC has been to the Wapello County facility to watch the receiving process and has participated in the health check program that Cargill and team offers to our suppliers. Thank you, GSC, for becoming such a great producer partner in such a short time.

Congratulations, GSC Agribusiness LLC!

The entire Cargill team would like to thank you for modeling Cargill's vision and commitment to swine well-being!

Cargill is looking forward to next quarter's nominations! Each winner will receive a gift card, a framed certificate, Cargillbranded gifts, and the opportunity to be recognized as the overall winner in July 2014!



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