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Land & Cattle

GSC Livestock-Cattle Division

GSC Livestock is an innovative livestock company that uses stocker and feeder cattle to convert pasture land into profits. The company raises and purchases newly weaned calves to put on a forage to promote growth and weight gain. GSC Livestock utilizes a regimented herd health protocol that minimizes death loss and optimizes growth potential. Managing feed and forage, animals, costs, and markets play a key role in determining the level of profits, and GSC Livestock has the expertise to effectively use the future and options markets to hedge input costs and maximize profit potential.

After backgrounding our cattle, they are shipped to feedlots in Nebraska, strategically located near six major beef producers. In Nebraska, procuring feeder cattle, promoting value based marketing and building strong ties to grain, forage and calf producers occur daily. Through the vigorous research of cattle nutrition and genetics, data driven decision making, risk management and creative marketing strategies, as well as an experienced and innovative staff, we have successfully maximized our cattle performance.

GSC Livestock prides itself on being a leader in producing and providing quality beef to ensure food safety, livestock welfare and environmental stewardship. We are continuing to involve ourselves in legislative cattle matters at the National, State and Local level. We are members of the National Cattleman’s Beef Association, Nebraska Cattleman’s and the Cuming County Feeder’s Association.

The company offers its experience and expertise to the public via private partnerships that enable investors to gain exposure to the returns in the feeder cattle markets.


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